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My Case Files is the first app (“App”) designed for health care providers to keep track of their interesting cases and procedures in a secure, HIPAA compliant mobile application. This app is simple, easy to navigate, and highly customizable for its use in multiple clinical scenarios.

My Case Files is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust in securely storing all of the patient health information to maintain HIPAA compliance. The App currently does not connect to the Internet, website, database, or outside servers, therefore, all the information is stored locally on your mobile device. All of the patient health information identifiers are encrypted within the app such as the patient name, medical record number, and date of procedure. In addition, data is secured using Apple’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit crypto engine that is built into every iOS device since the iPhone 3GS. This method will secure the data in the App only when you have secured your iOS device with a passcode and the device is locked. It will make the data inaccessible until you enter your iOS device’s passcode again. Finally, in the event your mobile device is lost/stolen, you have the ability to remotely erase all of the data from your iOS device.

HIPAA compliance is very important to us and we want to make sure you are following all the HIPAA requirements. When sharing your cases with patients and colleagues, make sure you are taking pictures that are de-identified.

Procedure logs created on the App can be exported to your computer as a protected CSV (comma-separated values) file that is compressed into a ZIP file (which allows password protection) to comply with HIPAA security requirements. The reports can then be e-mailed or saved to your computer. CSV files can be imported into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Please take the time to provide feedback on your experience using the App. We are constantly making updates and strive to make it the easiest, most convenient App you may use at work. We are currently working with a company to move all the data from your iOS device onto a HIPAA compliant cloud-based server, which will free up memory on your device and give you access to all your cases via the Internet.

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